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Plumbing performs new and tenant improvement work. We make an effort to offer timely estimates, value engineering and BIM where needed to help owners and developers keep the high costs of construction and problem areas of the project in line with budgets and scheduling requirements.

We can offer these services as a result of our extensive experience in this type of work and are dedicated to the faithful progress in completing the work on time and with the best craftsmanship available.

Kincaid Industries extensive background allows us to offer an innovative approach to design build and design assist projects using building imagery modeling (BIM). By working with our clients we can plan cost savings into the project from the start and prior to the actual design. This early start allows us to bring the projects in on time and within the budget.

Kincaid Industries is licensed to perform the installation of both on-site and off-site utilities throughout our market area. Cost control, safety and time management are our focus. Kincaid brings to the project the best of equipment and motivated staffing available, dedicated to getting the project done on time

Kincaid Industries fire protection from certification, design and installation.

Fire Sprinkler Services:

  • Title 19 Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Certification

  • Tennant Improvement and New Installation

  • Wet and Dry Sprinkler Systems NFPA 13 ,13D ,13R ,25 AND 24

  • Deluge Fire Sprinkler System

  • Dry sprinkler system

  • Standpipes and hose systems A. Class 1 standpipes B. Class 2 standpipes C. Class 3 standpipes

  • Fire pumps

  • Private fire mains

  • 5- Year Certification Testing for Automatic Fire Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems.

  • Fire Dept. Connections & Back flush the FDC Control Valves

We can build it, we can definitely fix it… and better than most. 

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